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Precision and the Art of Core Drilling

11 years ago More on: Everything Construction

There probably won’t ever be a museum dedicated to the art of precision core drilling, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t different levels of craftsmanship and excellence to admire in the work. Core drilling deep holes is actually a very inexact science, and when the master driller’s at the helm, their work can seem effortless.

Since the tolerances for these projects can be as little as 5 mm over the course of 100 feet, the difference between a company that’s good at core drilling and one that is great isn’t a small distinction. At Coast Cutting and Coring, we are pleased to offer what we consider the best precision core drilling in British Columbia.

So what is the secret to our work? It all comes down to planning and preparation.

In our view, 90% of the work of precision core drilling is done before the actual core bit even touches concrete. We follow an intensive outline and preparation process that often includes diagramming the project, creating mockups, and then checking (and rechecking) figures to ensure that we are on the right track.

You shouldn’t settle for anything less in your own municipal or commercial construction projects. So, how do you know whether your British Columbia precision core drilling team is up to the task? The first step is to ask lots of questions – not only about their approach and equipment, but also successes they have had on similar types of construction projects in the past.

Beyond that, it’s important to find out whether your construction vendor has a reputation for doing high-quality work, especially if you need them to work in a challenging environment. For instance, our team has drilled holes in a working oil platform at sea, and in concrete walls right next to a busy hospital operating room. The point is that no two environments are the same, and so it’s up to you to ensure that your vendor has the tools and experience to handle the job.

To find out more about Coast Cutting and Coring, or our British Columbia precision core drilling work, call or e-mail a member of our team.