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Are All Wire Sawing Companies the Same?

11 years ago More on: Everything Construction

As a technology, wire sawing isn’t new. In fact, wire saws have been in use for more than 100 years, in various forms, to cut massive blocks from marble and granite quarries throughout the world. They’re also used in the controlled demolition business, as wire saws are useful for breaking big mass concrete chunks into more manageable-size pieces. The actual size of the pieces themselves depends on what’s needed for crane lifting and the removal equipment on site.

The point to be made here is that lots of businesses offer wire sawing and use the same types of technologies. But, that isn’t the same as saying that all wire sawing providers are the same, because they aren’t. In fact, here are a few key differences:

Variety of equipment. Not only are there different wire sawing sizes to consider, but some companies in British Columbia (like Coast Cutting) employ diamond encrusted wires for extra cutting power and efficiency. This ensures that you get the most from your time and your construction project.

Safety and training. As any experienced civil engineer or construction planner could tell you, there are big differences in the ways construction firms handle employee training and safety guidelines. With this type of heavy machinery – equipment that can easily injure or kill if it’s used incorrectly – it’s imperative to have the right kind of company handling operations.

A commitment to top-quality work. As with all aspects of a British Columbia concrete cutting project, you want a partner who is committed to thorough planning, flawless execution, and a strong commitment to environmentally sound cleanup.

If you only want the best in all aspects of your British Columbia concrete cutting project, including wire sawing, then Coast Cutting should be your first choice. With three offices throughout the province and a team of experienced engineers and technicians ready to help, we can assist with projects of nearly any size or scope.