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Why Safety is so Important for Concrete Cutting and Controlled Demolition

11 years ago More on: Everything Construction

It goes without saying that safety should be a top priority on any municipal or commercial construction jobsite, but when it comes to concrete cutting and controlled demolition, there isn’t any room for error. That’s because the materials we use are themselves incredibly heavy (at 150 pounds per cubic foot), and the equipment required to cut, shape, and demolished concrete is extraordinarily powerful.

In other words, the nature of our work makes it easy for someone to be hurt if we aren’t doing our jobs as carefully as possible.

That’s a concern for us, of course, but also for the organizations that hire us for concrete cutting projects. After all, accidents and injuries don’t just represent liabilities, but also delays, cost overruns, and negative publicity for your construction project.

So, how do experienced concrete cutting and demolition firms like ours stay safe? Here are the tools we rely on most:

1. Ongoing training. We only want trained and qualified employees working on job sites. That doesn’t just mean ensuring that they know how to use equipment the first time, but also that they get ongoing training and supervision between projects.

2. A focus on safety. At Coast Cutting, we emphasize safety and a mindset of careful action in everything we do. Because our company has a philosophy of doing things efficiently, but in a way that minimizes risks, we have been able to earn an excellent record on both counts.

3. Care for the environment. There is more to jobsite safety than simply minimizing the risk of accidents. For instance, following the proper environmental procedures and ensuring that waste is disposed of safely makes our team safer, and helps the surrounding community at large.

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