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5 Things You Need to Ask Before Accepting a Concrete Cutting Price

11 years ago More on: Everything Construction

Can awarding a concrete cutting and demolition project be as simple as finding the lowest-cost bid and accepting it? It would be nice if things were that straightforward, but there is a bit more to the proposal process.

If you are thinking of hiring a company for concrete cutting in British Columbia, here are five things you should ask first:

1. Do they have the manpower and expertise to complete the project on time and under budget? Lots of vendors can submit proposals, but not everyone has the equipment, industry experience, and staffing to actually follow through on what they’ve promised.

2. Is the concrete cutting company sufficiently licensed and insured? Most construction vendors want some kind of insurance, but not all of them have the right policies to work on bridges, at airports, or on waterways, for example. In addition, they may need special forms of safety and containment training to work on hydro facilities, and those certifications have to be kept current.

3. What is the company’s safety record like? In most cases, you’ll want to check a record of all their incidences in the past four years, or more, and compare their safety record to industry averages. The last thing you want is delays and negative press resulting from accidents.

4. Is the company collecting, recycling, and disposing of concrete slurry and debris legally? Disposing of concrete slurry and debris isn’t just a matter of compliance and environmental regulations, but also a question of ethics. Working with the right kinds of concrete cutting companies helps keep British Columbia clean and beautiful.

5. Do they have backup equipment in case of a breakdown? Smaller operators don’t often have a big safety net when it comes to manpower or equipment. So, if a key piece of machinery breaks down, or a key staff member doesn’t show up to work, you could see your construction project delayed. By working with a larger, more established company, you can mitigate these risks.

If you are planning a construction project that calls for British Columbia concrete cutting and demolition, talk to the experienced professionals at Coast Cutting and Coring first.