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4 Things You Might Not Think of When it Comes to Concrete Cutting… and Why They Matter so Much in the Long Term

11 years ago More on: Everything Construction

If you have been involved in a lot of commercial or municipal construction projects in the past, then you already know that there is a lot more to concrete cutting – or any heavy construction process – than meets the eye. As a matter of fact, there are some things that new clients don’t necessarily consider to be important, if they think of them at all, even though they can turn out to make an enormous difference in the long-term success of a concrete cutting project:

1. A strong safety record. The best concrete cutting companies don’t just do their work quickly, but also with constant attention to safety. That matters a great deal because even a single infraction can shut your jobsite down instantly. Once that happens, your insurance premiums rise and your whole project could be delayed.

2. The ability to stay on schedule. Speaking of delays, one sign of an experienced concrete cutting team is that they allot enough time to finish the project, and can complete it without delays. Since there are typically other trades and phases scheduled after your concrete cutting team has finished, choosing a vendor who can stick to their proposed calendar can have far-reaching effects.

3. Access to backup concrete cutting equipment. Over the years, we have found that clients don’t fully appreciate our large arsenal of concrete cutting equipment… until we need to use it. Having extra machinery, and a pool of dozens of operators to pull from, ensures that we don’t fall behind because of maintenance issues or missing parts.

4. Quick Availability. You don’t always have weeks or months to plan your concrete cutting project. Reliable British Columbia concrete cutting providers like our company can often be hired with just a few days’ notice, so your project can continue to move forward on the pace and timeline that you need it to.

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