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3 Things You Should Know About Concrete Cutting and Recycling

9 years ago More on: Everything Construction

Along with being one of the best-known names for concrete cutting in British Columbia, Coast Cutting and Coring LTD. is also a leader in concrete recycling. Basically, that means that we can not only help you with new construction and demolition, but also the safe removal (and possibly reuse) of existing concrete at your building site.

From small sections of concrete to entire structures and even parking lots, we take the same approach to recycling as we do everything else in the concrete cutting process – one that says precision, quality, and long-term value have to come first.

If you aren’t that familiar with concrete recycling yet, or are new to the concrete cutting process altogether, then here are three things you should know:

1. Recycling concrete is good for the planet. Naturally, one of the top benefits to recycling concrete is that it decreases the amount of production and waste that are spread around, not to mention fuel costs for entirely new batches of concrete. This can be important, especially when your business wants to enjoy the positive publicity that comes with “building green.”

2. Recycling concrete can be more cost-efficient. Even if you are concerned about the environmental benefits, however, you may love that recycling concrete can be good for your bottom line, too. That’s because when you recycle concrete you don’t have to pay for removal and dumping of your old concrete. Plus, some of the material might be able to be reused on your new construction.

3. As with all kinds of concrete cutting projects, it’s important to choose the right vendor. Although lots of British Columbia businesses advertise services like concrete cutting and concrete recycling, you want a trusted name – and one with a proven track record of safety and efficiency – working on your side. That’s because cutting and recycling concrete aren’t easy or straightforward tasks; they require specialized knowledge, the right tools, and lots of experience.

Looking for the most trusted name in British Columbia concrete cutting? Call or e-mail Coast Cutting & Coring today, and a member of our team will be happy to answer any of your questions.