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3 Reasons You Want the Right Concrete Cutting Team on Your Side

9 years ago More on: Everything Construction

As any experienced construction project planner knows, there is a lot more to any construction bid than the proposed timeline and budget. That’s especially true when it comes to concrete cutting in British Columbia, where the heavy equipment, specialized tools, and intensive techniques involved make it crucial that you award projects to an experienced and knowledgeable firm.

To get a quick idea of what we mean, here are three reasons you will be glad to have the right concrete cutting team on your side:

1. Safety. At 150 pounds per cubic foot, concrete isn’t just heavy, it’s extremely heavy. For that reason, an operator at a concrete cutting team can easily injure, maim, or kill someone if the proper procedures are in place. Reputable companies with strong safety protocols don’t just train employees, but work with them constantly to ensure that every job site is as safe as it possibly can be for workers, visitors, and everyone else involved.

2. Scheduling, budgets, and details. New clients are often surprised at the wide variety of concrete cutting tools and practices that we use on a weekly basis. While it’s true that many different pieces of equipment can often accomplish the same task, knowing what to use, when, and where makes all the difference in cost efficiency and scheduling. In other words, if you want your project finished on time and under budget, it makes sense to go with experienced professionals.

3. Quality. There is an enormous difference between a concrete cutting project that is simply “finished,” and one that has been completed to the highest standard of quality. Great work is always a better value for a lot of reasons, but especially because it’s safer and more durable.

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